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White Docket Management

  • Readily available transport

  • Compliant and safe onward travel

  • Enhanced duty of care

  • A wide-range of vehicle options

  • Reduced administration for station staff

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CMACs white docket management services help train station staff to quickly and easily relocate passengers experiencing disruption.

Whether your team is enabling individual passengers to travel by cab, or they need to move mass volumes of passengers during emergency disruptions, our online platform is simple to use and has all the additional benefits of our Rail Portal.

Although white docket management is a standalone service, it’s designed to be smoothly integrated alongside our managed taxi rank solutions, allowing you to fully manage all aspects of ranked taxi operations.

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    Our services cover countries all across the globe, ensuring you can get your people where they need to be.

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What we do

Here at CMAC, we provide a quick and easy online solution to streamline the admin required to coordinate alternative passenger transport and make it easy for your station staff to arrange book a rank taxi journeys at a moment's notice.

Our paperless system is managed entirely online to eliminate the need for tedious and time-consuming forms, all while providing detailed MI which includes full visibility of spend by station or personnel.

Alongside this, CMAC provides compliant taxis with fixed pricing and offers full vehicle tracking as standard, providing peace of mind on both passenger safety and cost control.

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How we do it

Our goal is to make your rail replacement process as clear and straightforward as possible.

This service is accessed online, through a dedicated platform, allowing your staff at each station to easily book a taxi using pre agreed rates.

You will have instant access to a wide-range of vehicle choices, from saloon and executive cars to hackney cabs and wheelchair accessible vehicles. We can also supply minibuses and coaches for larger groups.

As soon as alternative transport is booked, the organiser will receive a code which the customer presents to any ranked taxi (managed by CMAC). This provides the verified driver with the agreed drop off location and allows you to track the journey.

GPS tracking is available for CMAC managed taxis, ensuring that journeys are accurately recorded with no risk of inflation. Each tracked journey can be viewed in our dedicated app; allowing you to easily access the data for each trip.


Why choose CMAC Group?

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We’re innovators

We embrace new technology to simplify the complex. Our online services and app integration saves you time and effort.

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We’re problem-solvers

Things don’t always go as planned, which is why our dedicated Service Delivery Team is available 24/7 to help get things back on track.

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We’re reliable

We work with a network of trusted suppliers to ensure you’ll only ever work with drivers that meet our exceptional standards.

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Frequently asked questions

What type of incidents would require us to use this service?
Rail Replacement isn’t just limited to the supply of large buses and coaches, occasionally there is a requirement for smaller vehicles (such as taxis and/or minibuses) to provide onward travel for disrupted passengers. This could be due to; • Low passenger numbers due to time of day/location • Station access issues on certain parts of the network • A requirement to transport passengers to their home address • Effective risk mitigation by quickly transporting an irate group of passengers through shared taxis rather than waiting for the larger rail replacement vehicles
What are the benefits to rail companies?
• Readily available transport to reduce passenger anxiety, providing a compliant and safe resolution for customers – all permit holders are vetted via our supplier accreditation process • Enhanced duty of care through live tracking capabilities • Reduced administration for station staff and operators • Full reporting available, providing a 360° view on costs and volumes in real-time
When will we be invoiced?
Invoices are issued monthly, CMAC ensure drivers receive payment within 7 days of the job completion.


Safe and reliable taxis is critical for Northern. Since 2017, the service CMAC provide has made a huge difference to us and our customer experience. It's great to have found a company that understands our requirements and keeps its promises.

Jason Parker

Alternative Transport Contracts Manager, Northern

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