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Fast Forward to the Future of Tech-Enabled, People-Focused Travel with CMAC - and SmartLinks - at FTE EMEA 2023

Posted Mar 30, 2023



Join CMAC Group at Future Travel Experience (FTE) EMEA, a two-day event which provides a platform on which industry stakeholders can collaborate, share expertise and innovation across all facets of air travel management.

Competition for passenger loyalty is at an all-time high in EMEA which means industry stakeholders in the region must think differently, and innovate, to find solutions to existing problems, such as unexpected disruptions, and sharpen their competitive edge.

FTE EMEA 2023 is a chance to connect and “reimagine air travel” with some of the air industry’s most progressive companies.

Flexible travel tech, designed by experts, focused on People

Disruption is, all too often, part of the air travel experience. How an airline manages disruption is the key to ensuring passenger, safety, satisfaction and encouraging the loyalty that generates repeat business.

CMAC Group is the specialist in managing flight disruption for airlines.

We’re dedicated to breaking down the complexity of air travel management, to streamlining processes, delivering a fuss-free and reliable single-source solution and, above all, helping our airline clients deliver the best possible passenger experience in all circumstances.

That’s why we’ve built a tech-enabled, people-powered solution that redefines the end-to-end passenger experience.

A solution that works for the airline and ALL their customers, no matter the situation.

With Smartlinks, when disruption strikes, the airline can issue a single use booking link via an app, SMS or email which allows passengers to arrange re-accommodation and/or transportation in one process.

By clicking through the link, users have direct access to real-time availability of CMAC’s extensive and fully integrated network of:

  • taxis, private hire vehicles, wheelchair accessible vehicles, MPV’s and coaches
  • global hotel chains, regional hotels and smaller independent accommodation providers

Whether there is a major irregularity, a delay with one aircraft or even a single guest that has missed their connection, CMAC Smartlinks technology take care of airline passengers in every situation.

Because CMAC’s mobilisation platform is backed by our award-winning 24/7/365 control office, airlines – and passengers – have the reassurance of knowing there will always be a friendly voice on the end of the phone, trained and ready to deal with even the most challenging requirements!

Sounds interesting?

You can find out more about Smartlinks, and other elements of CMAC’s tech-enabled, people-powered solution, by visiting Booth B11 at Dublin’s FTE EMEA 2023.

You’ll have a chance to discuss your priorities with our air travel experts and try our technology, including Smartlinks, for yourself.

We can’t wait to welcome existing and prospective clients and partners to stand B11 at FTE EMEA 2023!

But if you’d rather not wait, or have a disruption management problem you’d like to discuss, you can contact our air travel experts today at

See you soon!

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