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Supplier compliance program

Posted Sept 07, 2021


Benefit from CMACs industry-leading Best Practice Compliance Program today.

CMAC takes a proactive and collaborative approach to compliance, delivering a safe, accessible, and high-quality ground transport solution for all.

We know compliance is paramount and we are proud of the strong reputation we have established for our reliable and effective risk management program.

Not only have we developed a series of high-quality compliance strategies, but we also have our very own team of trained professionals dedicated to overseeing and auditing their fulfillment.

What is CMACs Best Practice Compliance Program?

CMAC undertakes a systematic audit of our suppliers so that quality and compliance remain in line with the requisite standards known as our Best Practice Compliance Program.

This ensures ongoing confidence in our unrivalled supplier network and safety of vehicles.

All our Compliance team have attained the Certificate of Professional Competence for Transport Managers (CPC) qualification, and they are well equipped to understand, guide, and support our operators to improve driver competency.

Only when our supplier relations experts are satisfied that the operator can meet the desired standards of service will they then be granted access to be part of our network.

CMACs Best Practice Compliance Program has five core areas of focus:

  • Dispatch & Communication

We conduct a review of the supplier's dispatch system, assessing their methods on contacting drivers as well as checking if vehicles have GPS tracking.

  • Health & Safety

The compliance team will request to view the suppliers' health and safety policy to ensure it adheres to CMACs requirements, alongside risk assessments relating to drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and other road users. Their accident/incident process and safe use of in-car data equipment is also reviewed. In addition, checks are made for policies in relation to drugs and alcohol.

  • Drivers & Vehicles

Review of vehicle maintenance policies and procedures, including routine vehicle checks, records of safety checks and repairs. Wheelchair accessible vehicles are reviewed for safe movement training and vehicle/equipment checks.

  • Driver Fatigue Management

A review of policies and procedures on how the company manages drivers, including identifying and reporting driver hours, minimum rest periods, how the company would manage driver fatigue within their systems and processes to monitor compliance.

  • License & Insurance

The operator’s license and liability insurance are checked, ensuring the copy held on our file is current and correct. We also request copies of driver records including badge, plate, insurance, driving license.

After the audit, suppliers are scored and categorised and for each area, questions will be asked to determine what policies are in place and what level of training is conducted.

In the event of any non-conformances, our supply chain compliance team will work with the operator to devise a template for the relevant policy, help them to deploy policies within the business and guide them on best practice standards, utilising the correct governing body.

The operator’s progress in completing the corrective actions is monitored to ensure they are fulfilled in a timely manner and to a satisfactory standard.

What are the benefits for suppliers?

Our Best Practice Compliance Program provides ongoing development to our operator community, enabling both our business and theirs to grow sustainably, whilst ensuring clients receive a highly compliant and safe service.

Suppliers can achieve peace of mind that they can access round the clock best-practice and industry knowledge and advice.

As part of our on-going supplier management process, our experts engage with our suppliers on a regular basis, either by telephone or through frequent site visits.

We place great emphasis on building strong business partnerships and developing long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and our suppliers.

The development of effective working partnerships fosters a high level of collaboration and trust between CMAC and our network of operators, which ultimately delivers a consistently reliable and safe service for all.

Key benefits:

  • Enhances safety and welfare
  • Minimises risk
  • Effortless tracking and reporting
  • Improves operational efficiency whilst promoting consistency
  • Ensures compliance and legal requirements are met
  • Boosts employee morale
  • Fosters customer trust

Best Practice_Supplier

What are the benefits for CMAC clients?

CMACs Best Practice Compliance Program significantly reduces travel-associated risk for clients, providing a complete end-to-end duty of care solution.

Our strategies have been carefully designed to ensure that all the relevant elements of a travel plan are covered at all times.

We are committed to providing a first-class service, built on collaborative relationships and enhanced safety standards.

We hold our customer’s safety in the highest regard, ensuring clients have the confidence that when they book with CMAC, passenger safety is assured.

Key benefits:

  • Enhances passenger safety and welfare
  • Minimises risk
  • Peace of mind that all compliance and legal requirements are met
  • Boosts traveller confidence
  • Reassurance that all journeys are well managed

Why is it important?

Managing compliance is essential to ensure safety on the road.

All operators must have systems in place to meet their legal responsibilities, and failure to do so can have significant consequences.

Best Practice is a method that produces results that are superior to other processes. We use best practice to maintain a quality, first class service that addresses areas of concern that do not fall under mandatory legislation standards.

CMACs Best Practice Compliance Program is designed so customers can travel in the knowledge that their allocated supplier has undergone a robust onboarding process, with continual monitoring from CMACs best practice audit and compliance programme, providing ongoing peace of mind and an enhanced duty of care.

CMAC has given us the ability to be in control of taxi bookings across the UK. We’ve been able to keep our existing suppliers, which has ensured continuity, access to more, whilst ensuring our employees are not left out of pocket. Additionally, we are benefiting from CMAC’s screening of the supply chain to ensure they are compliant with regulation.

Steve Redman, Senior Commercial Manager

Direct Line Group

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